Teaching Drums are available to provide an African drumming experience for your hub or school when they reopen. The drum circle can be widened to allow for social distancing and our djembe drums will be cleaned before each visit. Drumming is fun, relaxing and will bring your pupils together in a bonding experience like no other. Chief Chebe is a lively and energetic character that will have everyone smiling and laughing together. You can book a full day or half day session and if you would like any further information please contact Chief Chebe on 01236 823869/mobile 07988256670 for further details.

Chief Chebe is also a children’s author and is available to book for storytelling. He has recently contributed to a free eBook launched by Cranachan Publishing entitled “Stay at Home! Poems and Prose for Children Living in Lockdown.” This eBook contains 40 contributions by writers based in Scotland and Chief Chebe’s story is called “Abiba’s Zoom.” Illustrated by Darren Gate and edited by Joan Haig, the book is about lockdown – the good, the bad and the ugly! Available to download at

African Drumming


The drumming workshops are simple and do not require prior knowledge of drumming or musical skills. Everyone is given their own djembe drum and within minutes children are able to progress from simple notes to more complex beats.

A full day workshop can provide sessions for 5 classes or groups in your school. The workshops also include African songs and chants and are designed to encourage creative learning as part of Curriculum for Excellence. They are very informative about African culture and children are encouraged to ask questions. Drumming enhances listening skills, coordination, timing and lifts the spirit!

African Dancing

African dancing

The African dance workshops are fun and energetic and will build up a sweat! Our dance routines are often connected to short African stories which make them memorable and easy to pick up. Children of all ages are also able to social distance in a large gym or assembly hall.

African Storytelling

Chief Chebe is a fabulous storyteller who will keep your whole class on the edge of their seat and gasping to hear more. The storytelling sessions are accompanied with our African village display and traditional xylophone playing.

Author Visit

Chief Chebe, pen name Frank McChebe, is the author of a series of African books about a young boy called Kasimo. The stories are set in Chief Chebe’s home Pulima, a small rural village in the north of Ghana close to the border with Burkina Faso. The stories appeal to a broad age range; younger readers will love the fast paced stories and entertaining characters and older teen readers will be engaged and compelled by the stories themes of identity and transition. Frank McChebe is listed in the directory of the Scottish Book Trust where funding is available to host an author visit to your school.

Storytelling - Copy

Africa Day Experience

Our popular Africa Day Experience allows schools to tailor the workshops to their needs. The package includes two facilitators and can cover an assembly and 10 class sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes. For example facilitator one could be based in the hall and provide African drumming/dancing sessions and facilitator two could move from class to class and provide African storytelling.

Black History Month Workshops

Black History Month (BHM) is held every October in Britain and the aim is to promote knowledge of Black history, culture and heritage. Our special BHM workshops include a whole school assembly, drumming, art & craft and cultural sessions. The cultural sessions can be tailored to suit your own requirements and can be focussed on people such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks or on issues such as the Civil Rights Movement, Apartheid and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Fair Trade Workshops

Fair Trade Workshops

Children have the opportunity to learn more about Fair Trade and the impact it has on farmers in developing countries. We have designed a fun and interactive Fair Trade market trading game in which the children buy and sell African foods and have their own family scenario which gives them an insight into the difficulties of living in a developing country.

Our Fair Trade Day includes an introductory assembly followed by 10 class sessions carried out by two facilitators. The class sessions can be any of the following activities:

  1. Djembe drumming workshops
  2. Fair trade art & craft activities (make a fair trade necklace, collage, or wall hanging)
  3. Learn to play Oware (African board game)
  4. Daily life in Ghana with artefacts
  5. Fair trade chocolate bean to bar
  6. Fair trade shea butter
  7. Market trading game
  8. Fair trade quiz

African Resources for Schools

Playing the African game Oware

Check out our global classroom RESOURCES web page. We have a lot of fantastic resources and links to support teachers with planning an Africa Day or Africa Week event at school.

Please share your feedback and make any recommendations or suggestions so that we can continue to improve the page and make our resources targeted to the global learning experience.

Prices of School Workshops

Primary Schools

One facilitator (Scotland only)
Half day morning – £295
Half day afternoon – £250
Full Day – £395
Two facilitators (throughout UK)
Africa Day Experience – £650
Fair Trade Day – £650
Black History Month Day – £650

Secondary Schools

  • One facilitator (Scotland only) – Full Day – £550
  • Two facilitators (throughout UK) – Full Day – £800

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and specific needs. Prices for charity events start from £100. Travel expenses are additional.